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Nous sommes composés de deux parties: La lumineuse et la ténébreuse. Notre mission est d´accroître la lumineuse. Pour cela, fuis les gens qui attirent ta ténébreuse c´est-à-dire le pire de toi. C est la première étape. Donne la priorité à ceux qui t´aiment véritablement, qui t´apprécient et t´honorent. Parfois ceux qui cultivent les ténèbres mettront le masque de la lumineuse. C´est à ce moment que tu branches ton intuition qui éclaire ta Présence ici et maintenant. C´est cela la Vigilance. Ce n´est pas facile mais c´est notre mission d´être lumière afin d´éclairer les ténèbres tout en nous rappelant que sans les ténèbres nous ne serions pas lumière. Ainsi soit-il.
Maxette Olsson
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I have never felt to have right to anything. I just don´t know the feeling of having right. That´s why I have always aspired to Peace of mind even when I didn´t know what was Peace of mind. Today, I get it when I pray or meditate but I am not there... yet. Hahahaha!!
Maxette Olsson

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In memory: Maxette Olsson


PUBLISHED 2020-11-25 17:46
Maxette Olsson, born Fèvrin, Stockholm, has died at the age of 70. The closest relative is her husband and life partner Malte Olsson.

How someone as alive as Maxette Olsson can die is beyond my comprehension.

My earliest memory of her is when I took a job training course at Liljeholmen in Stockholm in 1992. I remember how Maxette with black skin, red lipstick, white dress, white hat with plumes and a sparkling smile on immaculate teeth, sat down at a computer in the ordinary office space with fluorescent lighting and linoleum carpet. How could someone so exotic find something as anonymous as the AMS premises in Liljeholmen?

It did not take long before we came to talk. The education was called "Data for young people under 24 years". Maxette was then 42 and said to me with her lovely French accent: "Yes, but it is 24 backwards so it does not matter." Then she burst into the most resounding laugh. From that day on, I loved Maxette as if she were my sister.

Countless are the parties she has organized with people she has just met on the street and invited to a Caribbean banquet. At home, the love of her life Malte Olsson served Caribbean rum, zouk music flowed from the speakers and from her mouth was heard that laughter so contagious that after a few hours I had to go home to rest.

At the same time, Maxette was one of the most thoughtful and profound people I have ever met. Her background with a stepfather who abused her throughout her childhood left deep traces. But her attitude to life was contagiously full of optimism. She became known to a larger audience when Ikea engaged her ten years ago for a number of commercials where she talked about sports shoes and pointed to a number of high-heeled shoes.

Maxette used to say that she did not understand why people give flowers to the dead at funerals. “What do I do with flowers when I'm dead? Give me the flowers today instead!”

Despite that, I buy a bouquet of flowers for Maxette. She is so sorely missed. Rest in peace.

/Alfred Skogberg (free translation Malte Olsson)